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Monday, March 11, 2019

Tunes 2/26/19

Nasty weather kept many folks away from the session, but a group of us 'close in' regulars, with the welcome addition of Bernie & Jonah, made for an outstanding evening! Thanks to those who made it.

Square dance this Friday. Hillbilly Auxiliary Band members and wannabes are welcome to sit in with Idyltime, Bernie Reilly, and Reeb Willms for an evening of great square-dance music. Tell your friends! See you there.


Tunes 2/19/19

Excuse the lateness! I left town Thursday and forgot to get this out before leaving. Well, here it is and I bet it's worth the wait. 

I hope to see you tomorrow evening.


Tunes 2/12/19

It was another really fine session. Thanks for all the great tunes and for keeping the sessions fun! We're building up a nice repertoire of tunes here in the Boise old-time music community.

See you next week,


Tunes 2/05/19

Wow, what a fun session! Tuesday was great fun, and you folks really add energy these sessions. Let's keep it going!!

Okay, I'll always carry extra AAA batteries in the future because, once again, batteries died before the session did. Still, we got the best 15 recorded.


Tunes 1/29/19

What a great session we had Tuesday! I really enjoy playing with such a fine group of folks, and the music we make is pretty fine as well. Enjoy these recordings.

BTW, "Boneparte (Blown Apart) Crossing the Rhine" does repeat the A-part (unlike what I was doing) according to Fiddler's Fakebook.


Tunes 1/22/19

Tunes 11/6/18