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Monday, July 9, 2012

Family Carr Concert

The Family Carr
You Don't Want to Miss!

Date: Tuesday, July 10
Place: Backyard Garden of Gary & Dorothy Shue  at 7304 McMullen, Boise
Music: 7:30 - 9:30     seating starts at 7:00

The Family Carr mightily entertains listeners with gems of Galician/Spanish, Irish, French Canadian and Appalachian vocal and instrumental music played on  an array of fiddles, bagpipes, mandolins, accordions and keyboards.

The Family Carr consists of Kevin Carr and Josie Mendelsohn, veterans of Bluegrass, Irish, Quebecois, and other musical genres, along with their children, Daniel and Molly, home after extended travels in Spain, Ireland, Cuba, Canada and South America. Together they string together tunes and songs gleaned from their adventures and presented with love and loads of family mojo. Between them they play fiddle, mandolin, Irish and Galician bagpipes, guitar, accordion, banjo and keyboards, making music both sweet and strong.

Opening Act:
    Trio Hot Sauce:
        Dave Daley (Hokum Hi-Flyers, Giant Leprechauns)
        Jason Homey (Clumsy Lovers, Possum Livin', Reilly Coyote)
        Jonah Shue (Frim Fram Four, Hokum Hi-Flyers, Country Club)

        traditional and other fiddle/banjo/guitar music

A $10 donation per person is requested. Beer & wine available for donation. Limited seating, so please bring low lawn chair if possible.

LIMITED ADMISSION! Come early (admission starts at 7:00),

Info at:

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