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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The Second Chance Square Dance will be held at 7 p.m. Friday, June 21, at the Linen Building, 1402 W. Grove St. in Downtown Boise’s Linen District. $7. All ages, full bar (I.D. required), Pie Hole pizza. Plenty of free, off-street parking is available at the Linen Building.

Modeled after the popular Hokum Hoedown and featuring many familiar faces, the Second Chance Square Dance is a modern take on the old-time hootenanny featuring the infectious swing of an authentic acoustic string band. Providing music for the dance will be Idyltime (

At each dance, a live band performs a diverse assortment of traditional folk-dance and string-band tunes while a cast of colorful callers directs the dances.

In addition to square dancing, the event features some good old-fashioned, swingin’, two-steppin’ western dancing. Young and old, couples and families, tattooed hipsters and ten-gallon cowboys ... the Second Chance Square Dance is a come-as-you-are, hand-clappin’ hootenanny for all.

ABOUT IDYLTIME: Idyltime is a dynamic four-piece acoustic string band playing original Americana music out of Boise. Idyltime was conceived in the Summer of 2010 in Glasgow, Ore., when four musicians collided by chance. What was intended as an afternoon jam quickly spun out of control. The twister worked its way through Coos County, blistering fingers, emptying whiskey bottles and leaving all in its path tuckered out from dancing long into the brisk coastal nights. In 2011, half of the band (Beth and Tate Mason) moved to Boise and a short hiatus ensued. Recently they've teamed up with Boise old-time favorites Ava Honey and Dave Daley and as a four-piece are continuing to bring the music to the Treasure Valley.

1402 W. Grove Street, Boise, Idaho 83702

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